Complete Guide to Soccer Conditioning

Complete Guide to Soccer Conditioning

The Total Soccer fitness course has valuable resources for soccer players, coaches and soccer parents.

Soccer Players:

The total soccer fitness guide for soccer players provides information about strength and power conditioning, aerobic and anaerobic endurance conditioning, speed, agility and quickness conditioning, flexibility, warming up and cooling down and testing our level of fitness use scientific methods.

In this guide you will learn the difference between aerobic and anaerobic endurance and their importance in keeping you fit, the four phases of strength training program and when they should be started, how to increase your speed by training with and without the ball, which stretching exercise you should do to increase your rang and movement, how long a warm up should last and whets the best way to cool down, Sample field tests max strength, speed, aerobic endurance, flexibility, etc and much more.

There are four bonuses included in the pack for free. These are: The Soccer Exercise Library – Over 100 Drills & Exercises Specifically Designed for Soccer Players, Total Soccer Nutrition – Eating for Soccer Peak Performance, Total Soccer Psychology -10 Powerful Mental Techniques for Soccer Peak Performance, Smoothies For Athletes – 120 Delicious Recipes For Energy & Recovery.

Complete Guide to Soccer Conditioning

The total soccer fitness for juniors will teach you how to give young soccer players a chance to reach their full potential.

The book includes Conditioning programs, sessions and drills for the three key age groups (pre-adolescents (8-11), adolescents (12-14) and post adolescents (15-18)).

You will learn why soccer conditioning for children is absolutely different to conditioning in adults and the reasons why children should do strength training and how it can prolong their entire career You will also learn how to design resistance training programs for young children and strength plans that are right for a soccer professional.

The program also provides sample endurance circuits and obstacle course that you can easily include in your coaching sessions. You will also learn when an anaerobic endurance exercise should be introduced and why some coaching drills should not be included in your coaching sessions.